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Client Handbook



Your Guide to Using and Getting Support for your Technology




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Hello and Welcome!


I wanted to personally thank you for joining our growing community of tech-savvy, forward thinking business owners! We are excited to start helping you implement state of the art IT solutions to power your enterprise.

As you’ll come to learn, here at Wyant Technologies, we are passionate about empowering each and every one of our clients with the best tools to grow, optimize and protect their businesses.

We love coming up with creative solutions to complex technical challenges and helping businesses increase their profitability and competitive edge by using the right tools to maximize efficiency and facilitate innovation.

This Client Handbook contains all the information you need to get the most out of your technology, along with our important policies that ensure that things are always on track and running smoothly.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the contents, sign all forms where indicated, and distribute copies of important policies to your team so we can provide you with fast, efficient and world-class support.

Again, we’re excited to have you on board and looking forward to working with you!


Best Regards,

Tom Wyant




At Wyant Technologies, We’re not just Computer People – We can also help you with various other business technology needs, including:

< >Audio and Video planning, procurement, and installation for your video conferencing needsBusiness Process Automation consultingDomain name procurement, hosting, and renewalsSTANDARD TECHNOLOGY SUITE


There are countless options for small businesses looking to implement technology to support their operations. As IT professionals, it is our job to keep up with the developments in this rapidly evolving industry and ensure that our clients are using the best technology in terms of reliability, speed, security, integration, and fit for their business needs and objectives.


After many years of serving exclusively small and growing businesses, We have curated a list of technologies that work well together and enable us to create IT networks that suit the needs of any business – we call this Our Standard Technology Suite (or “STS”).

Below is the list of the technologies that We currently use to create a well-integrated, reliable and secure IT infrastructures for each of Our clients:



< >Carbon Systems Servers and LaptopsLenovo Servers, Desktops and LaptopsBrother and Lexmark PrintersFortinet and Ubiquiti Wireless Access PointsFortinet and Ubiquiti FirewallsFortinet and Ubiquiti SwitchesUbiquiti and Uniview Surveillance SystemsCyberPower Battery Backup SystemsMicrosoft Teams and 3CX Phone SystemsHP/Poly and SNOM IP PhonesHP/Poly Teams/Zoom Room SystemsMicrosoft Office 2016 and AboveMicrosoft Windows 10 and AboveMicrosoft 365Microsoft AzureAmazon Lightsail/AWS



All service requests must be initiated by one of the methods outlined below. When requesting a service, You must provide a detailed description of the issue and the specific services requested.




This is the fastest and easiest way to get help. Simply log into your account at, log in with your email address and password, click the button for “Report an issue”, and enter a summary of your problem.  If you have a screenshot you can drag it to the attachments box at the bottom of the screen.  Once you have done all of this click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.




If you prefer not to use the website, you can always email us at In the subject line, summarize your issue, and in the body of the message, provide a detailed description of the issue. Once you hit send, look for the automated reply to confirm that your request was received.



You can call us M-F 8am-5pm EST at 231-946-5969 whenever you need help.




If you prefer, you may also contact our customer service team via chat  M-F 8am-5pm EST. Simply click on the “Chat” icon in the bottom left corner of our client portal, and one of our team members will assist you as soon as they are available!

If you have an EMERGENCY or require after-hours support, you MUST call us and select 3 for the emergency mailbox! If you leave a message in the general mailbox we will not get it until regular business hours.

IMPORTANT: If you send emails to our Direct Email Addresses or call us on our Cell Phones, this will result in slower response times. Using the above methods to contact us is the only way to ensure a quick and reliable response within our Guaranteed Response Time Frames.


In order to ensure that the most pressing issues are responded to the quickest, We categorize and respond to each service request based on the severity/urgency (or “Priority”) of the issue. This means that when we get a service request on an issue we deem Critical, we start working on it within an hour, while lower priority tasks will be responded to a bit slower (but still within the guaranteed response times).

Determining the priority of an issue is within Our sole discretion; however, to give an idea of what to expect, priorities are generally assigned as shown in the table below. Our Priority classifications correspond to Our Guaranteed Response Times (column 3), so that the highest priority issues are responded to in the quickest time frame.




Service not available (all or majority of users and functions unavailable). Entire office is shut down, unable to work, or experiencing severe inconvenience. Significant cybersecurity risk.

Your main server is inaccessible.

.25 Hour

1-4 Hours

A VPN link is offline and the majority of users cannot work

Internet service is down

Complete hardware failure or failure of a key software affecting the majority of users

Ransomware attack or other serious cybersecurity breach


Significant degradation of service (large number of  users or critical functions affected). Major workflow impact for one or more users.


There is a suspected virus on a machine

2 Hours

2-8 Hours

Key personnel’s computer has stopped working and they have an urgent task

Your main email, payroll, accounting or other software critical to operations has stopped working

Central printing not working


Limited degradation of service. Limited number of users or functions affected, business process can continue.


A single user’s computer is not working

4 Hours

48 Hours

A single printer is not working, but other machines are available 

Single user wireless connectivity issues, slow computers, software updates



Small service degradation (business process can continue, one user affected). Requests relating to future planning; very low-impact requests; desired upgrades and improvements.

Internet, printing and other functions are slower than usual, but still working

8 Hours

5 Days

A new employee needs user access setup

A user needs a software update or new software installed

Planning network changes and improvements for future plans/growth


All issues must meet the above guidelines for each priority level to be classified as such. For instance, if multiple users are having connectivity problems, that would be considered a High Priority ticket. If it is submitted as an Urgent request, we reserve the right to reassign it to High Priority and take care of any Urgent tickets in queue first. Similarly, if a desktop printer malfunction is submitted as a High Priority ticket, we  will reassign it as a Medium Priority ticket and handle any higher priority issues first.

All examples above are provided solely as an illustration of the types of issues that fall under each priority level, and should only be used to gain an understanding of how we rank urgency, rather than an exhaustive list of issues under each priority.

Our Response Time Guarantee. Unless a service is excluded from Our Guaranteed Response Times, We will respond to your Service Requests within the Guaranteed Response Times outlined above. “Respond” in this context means that we will assign a technician and begin working on the issue within the applicable time frames, and should not be confused with resolving the issue, which is often unpredictable and subject to many factors outside of our knowledge and control until We actually begin work on the problem. We reserve the right to amend this list by providing You a revised set of Guaranteed Response Times via an amended Client Handbook or other similar policy document issued by Us.

Our Response Time Guarantee does not apply to Service Requests lodged outside of Business Hours.

We are serious about Our guarantees and want to do what we can do make it right should we fail to abide by them for any reason. If You reported an incident to Us via the appropriate channels and Our response time exceeds the Guaranteed Response Time for that issue, You may make a claim for credit within 7 days of the incident in writing to If We agree that Your claim is valid, You will be credited 5% of the amount of either a) the cost of the Service, if the task was billed according to Our hourly rates and charges; or b) 5% of Your Monthly Service Fee stated in Your MSA for the month of the incident, up to a maximum of 25% of the Monthly Service Fee per month.



If You wish to move a Service Request up to a higher priority than it would normally be assigned pursuant to the table above (for example, requesting that a printer malfunction be treated as an Urgent Priority ticket), You may request an “Emergency Upgrade” by:

< >contacting Your Designated IT Contact contacting Us at or 231-946-5969When You do any of the foregoing, We will treat Your Service Request as a Critical Priority Issue. Please note that all labor performed on services classified as Emergency Upgrades are billed {at our emergency rate // separately and on top of any Monthly Managed Service Fees and Regular Hourly Rates, as further detailed in the Rate Schedule outlined in Appendix B of Your Master Service Agreement}.

Additionally, if you ever feel that we’re not handling your request as well as we could be, you can escalate that issue by giving Us a call at 231-946-5969 or sending an email to tom@gowyant.

Our team is highly capable, efficient, and professional. We hope that you’ll never need to use this process; however, in the unlikely event that we make a mistake or our response doesn’t meet your expectations, you can count on us to own up to it and fix the issue ASAP!







Would you like to implement restrictions on after hour support request?


Yes – continue filling out the rest of the form

No- Sign bottom of the page 


Staff/Management who can approve after hour request: If you would like a specific member of your staff or management to approve all emergency upgrades and after-hours requests, please list the best way to contact that person after hours. If you are listing multiple personnel, please list them in order of whom you would like for us to reach out to first. If you have different approvers per location, please use the location field.



Phone Number


















If we are unable to reach management for approval, please document here how you would like for us to proceed:



Any other restrictions or approval process request: 





The following table describes our Support Tier levels and how issues are moved between tiers to ensure that each issue is handled by the appropriate technician:




Tier 1 Support

All support incidents begin in Tier 1, where the initial trouble ticket is created, and the issue is identified and clearly documented, and basic hardware/software troubleshooting is initiated.


Tier 2 Support


All support incidents that cannot be resolved with Tier 1 Support are escalated to Tier 2, where more complex support on hardware/software issues can be provided by more experienced Engineers.


Tier 3 Support


Support Incidents that cannot be resolved by Tier 2 Support are escalated to Tier 3, where support is provided by the most qualified and experienced Engineers who have the ability to collaborate with 3rd Party (Vendor) Support Engineers to resolve the most complex issues.











Sometimes vendors require written authorization from You before they can discuss matters related to Your business with Us. To help obtain such authorization, feel free to customize and copy the letter below into an email to each vendor that needs authorization to work with Us while We provide the Services:



Dear <Vendor Name>,


I am writing to notify you that we have engaged Wyant Technologies to oversee and handle our IT and Technology requirements.


In order to execute these responsibilities, it is essential that Wyant Technologies has the authority to coordinate, manage and obtain support as needed from all of our technological vendors and resources.


Therefore, effective immediately, we grant full permission to any member of the team at Wyant Technologies to access, modify, and manage all facets of our account, including all products and services we have obtained through your organization.


This authorization will remain in effect until we formally rescind it in writing. If additional information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us.












If You would like Wyant Technologies (“We”, “Us”) to assist You in the orderly termination and/or transfer of Your Services to another designated provider (“Offboarding Assistance”), all outstanding invoices and any applicable Termination Payment required by your Master Service Agreement (“MSA”) must be paid, and this form MUST be completed and returned via email to by either:


< >fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the expiration of the applicable Termination Notice Period, as defined in the MSA, if the Services are being terminated under circumstances that require a Termination Notice Period; or if the MSA is being terminated with immediate effect, then within seven (7) calendar days of the date of the notice of termination (“Offboarding Assistance Request Deadline”). Cloud Server: A copy of all data on your cloud server will have to be downloaded no later than the Offboarding Completion Deadline. You understand that if a transfer is not made, once data is removed from Our portal, We will not be able to restore anything, and You will be solely liable for retrieving an entire backup of the system or moving the account. Office 365 Licenses and Subscriptions: Your Office 365 Licenses and Subscriptions will have to be transferred into Your name/account, or to your new MSP, no later than the Offboarding Completion Deadline. If this is not done, You acknowledge that We have the right to remove all of Your licenses in Our portal for your Office 365 subscriptions with no additional notice to You. You understand that any information, content and data contained in such accounts will be unrecoverable after this date unless properly backed up and transferred to You or Your new managed service provider. Password Management Program: Your passwords must be transitioned to a new platform no later than the Offboarding Completion Deadline, after which We will remove all Keeper licenses and all the information kept in Keeper will be deleted.  We have no direct access to your Keeper information so we cannot provide your passwords to you. Hardware and Equipment: Unless ownership of any physical goods, hardware, tools and equipment supplied by Us to You (“Our Equipment”) has been transferred to You pursuant to the terms of the MSA or other agreement between You and Us, You understand that Our Equipment is Our property and You must a) return all of Our Equipment by the Equipment Return Deadline stated in the MSA; or b) make all of Our Equipment available for pickup by the Equipment Return Deadline; or) pay Us the fair market value of same by the Equipment Return Deadline. If any hardware and/or equipment is retained by You, management of said equipment, as well as renewing and maintaining any associated licenses following the expiration of the current license on same, will be Your responsibility. Firewall(s), switch(es), and access point(s)File serversDesktop PCsLaptopsAny other devices provided by Wyant Technologies for the purpose of network management or to provide a service that you have paid forAnti-Virus / Security Programs: You will no longer receive anti-virus or security services, and all anti-virus and cyber security protections used by Us will be turned off following the Termination Date.


Phone Number












Printed Name:                                  











As part of your Onboarding, we asked you to appoint one or more Designated IT Contacts from your business. Designated IT Contacts must be:

< >the person responsible for submitting Service Requests on behalf of Your organization, an office location or for an internal department or team;authorized to request and make changes to Your IT Network and any associated account(s), including but not limited to adding or deleting users, deleting data, changing or terminating subscriptions and other Services, and ordering hardware/software;the person whom We can contact in case We need more information about an issue or if We need to send important information about an issue We are working and someone in our accounting department will be in touch. You can also call Us during regular business hours at 231-946-5969 or log into your account at to view your billing history and download copies of past invoices and other documents.




As you probably know, every minute of every day, millions of computer networks experience security breaches that result in business interruption, data loss, and money damages. Ransomware attacks are on the rise, as well as misappropriation of personal and proprietary information from computer networks that result in end-user damages (such as account breaches, fraudulent purchases using stolen financial information, and identity theft), which in turn leads to lawsuits, claims and government fines levied against the business whose network the information was obtained from.

Hackers and other criminals actively target companies, because they know businesses have a lot to lose in the form of capital, clientele, and possible fines for inadequate security. They also know that as a result, businesses will, more often than not, find a way to come up with the money to pay any ransom to regain access to the data and networks they need to continue operations.

Due to the severity of this ongoing threat, it is important for Us to ensure that Your systems are as secure as possible – while at the same time keeping the network usable and efficient.

Though We do implement as many state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions to run in the background as possible with the budgets You provide Us to work with, We also supplement these protections with policies for Your team to follow, which are designed to increase Your defense against the most common threats and attacks.

All of Our important security policies are contained in the IT Policy Manual, so they are easy to keep track of and reference when needed. Please take the time to read through this Manual, and ensure that all team leaders responsible for compliance and the drafting/implementation of internal policies attend all of Our Scheduled Security Trainings, where We go through each Policy in detail and answer any questions You may have.

Additionally, We are always available to explain and help You implement the Security Policies in Your business.

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