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Copilot on the taskbar? Is asking us about Sarah Connor far behind?

Microsoft just released a new update for Windows 11, and it brings a small but important change that might affect you and your team.

The update gives Copilot, Microsoft's helpful AI assistant, a new spot on the taskbar. Now, instead of searching for it, you'll find it on the far right side of the taskbar, in what we call the ‘system tray area’.

If you're not a fan of Copilot, don't worry. You can easily remove it from the taskbar if you prefer. But having an AI assistant right there can really help you get things done faster, so it's worth giving it a try.

Before you go looking for the new Copilot button, let's go over some details.

This update, called Patch KB5034765, has been rolling out over the past few weeks. It's not just about moving buttons, though. It also includes important security and bug fixes. For example, there was a problem with Explorer.exe causing some computers to freeze when restarting with a game controller attached.

There was also a fix for slow announcements from Narrator, the screen reading tool.

Even though these may seem like small changes, they can really improve your workflow and prevent interruptions while you work.

Has your business upgraded to Windows 11 yet? Our team can assess your setup and advise whether it's a good move for you, or if you should stick with Windows 10.

Feel free to reach out and ask for a tech audit.



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