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Windows 11 updates return to normal after Moment 5

Microsoft is gearing up to release the latest update for Windows 11, known as "Moment 5" or the "February 24 Moment." This update is set to start rolling out in the next few weeks, and it comes with some significant changes that you should be aware of.

First, let's talk about a significant change: Microsoft is returning to its original plan of releasing updates for Windows 11 once a year. This means that you can expect more stability and fewer significant overhauls to your computer's operating system. Say goodbye to those frequent "moment" updates and hello to a more predictable schedule.

Now, let's dive into what Moment 5 has to offer…

One of the standout features of this update is the improvement of Windows 11's built-in accessibility features. Microsoft is working to enhance the experience for those who rely on these features.

Voice Access will now support multiple monitors and additional languages. It's also introducing "voice shortcuts" for customized voice-activated commands. The Narrator tool gains the ability to preview new natural voices and can work alongside voice access for various tasks.

A notable change is the ability to use a stylus to write directly into text boxes across the operating system. This feature makes it easier to use digital pens without needing a separate handwriting panel.

For the first time, Microsoft is allowing you to uninstall some of the pre-installed apps that come with Windows 11. Apps like Edge, Camera, and Photos can be removed if you don't plan to use them.

Microsoft is also giving more flexibility to the Windows Search pane. This update allows third-party search providers like Google or Yahoo to create plugins for the Windows Search pane. So, if you prefer a different search engine over Bing, you can switch.

The Nearby Share feature, which is similar to Apple's AirDrop, is getting an upgrade with "friendly name" support. This means you can give your PC a more readable name, making file sharing more user-friendly. Additionally, Windows Spotlight, which displays Bing's background of the day, will become the default wallpaper setting.

Copilot is also getting better. It can now be "undocked," making it more versatile and accessible. You'll also find the Copilot interface in the Windows ALT+TAB menu for quick and easy access.

And some changes are coming to the Widgets Board as well. You can turn off Microsoft News integration, allowing for a widget-only layout if you prefer not to see news headlines in your Widgets Board. Plus, third-party news services can create plugins to integrate with the Widgets Board, giving you more options.

Notepad will include a character count feature and an "Edit with Notepad" shortcut in context menus for select file types.

In summary, Moment 5 brings a bunch of improvements and enhancements to Windows 11, making it more accessible, user-friendly, and versatile.

For business owners, these updates can boost productivity and streamline workflows for you and your team. If you haven't switched to Windows 11, now is an excellent time to consider it. Feel free to reach out if you need assistance with the transition.



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