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Buy now, pay later to get your data back from a ransomware attack? No. Stop it. Now.

Imagine this: Your business faces a ransomware attack, and your important data gets locked up by cyber crooks who demand a hefty ransom. But here's the kicker – like those "buy now, pay later" deals, some ransomware gangs now offer payment plans.

Recent studies show that these cyber extortionists are getting crafty with their tactics. One group even gives victims options for their ransom demands. It's like a twisted menu:

You can either pay up to delay the release of your stolen data, for a standard fee of $10,000, or cough up to have it erased before it goes public. And the exact amounts? Well, they're often haggled over, making the whole situation even scarier.

To pile on the pressure, these ransomware gangs have jazzed up their websites with scary features. Picture this: countdown timers ticking away until your data goes public, view counters showing how many people have seen your plight, and even tags outing your business to the world. It's like a cyber nightmare designed to push you into paying up.

But hold on a sec before you reach for your wallet. Paying the ransom is never a smart move, and here's why:

There's no guarantee you'll actually get your data back, or that the crooks won't come back for more later.

By paying, you're basically funding their criminal activities, giving them the green light to attack others.

And paying up might even land you in hot water legally, as some governments have outlawed paying cyber crooks.

So, what's the plan to keep your business safe from these digital bandits?

• Make sure you've got regular, secure backups of all your data. That way, you're not at the mercy of these cyber crooks.

• Teach your team about the dangers of ransomware and show them how to spot dodgy emails and links.

• Invest in top-notch cyber security software and keep it updated.

• Stay on top of system updates and security patches.

• Divide your network to contain any ransomware outbreaks.

• Have a clear-cut plan for when disaster strikes, so you're not caught off guard.

Remember, paying off cyber crooks rarely solves the problem. Focus on proactive steps like these to keep your business safe. And if you need a hand with that, give us a shout.



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