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If you haven't tried split screen in Edge are you even living?

Boosting productivity is a constant goal for many business leaders and managers. Every little improvement counts, whether it's speeding up tasks or enhancing communication. It's important to maximize the tools you already have, like your web browser.

Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 offers features that can seriously amp up your productivity. Let's dive into five favorites:

  1. Split Screen: Juggling multiple tasks is a must for any business owner. Microsoft Edge lets you view two web pages side-by-side in the same tab, making comparisons and multitasking a breeze.

  2. Vertical Tabs: Tired of tab overload? Edge's vertical tabs stack neatly on the side of your browser window, making it easier to manage and navigate through multiple tabs.

  3. Workspaces: Collaboration is key, and Edge's Workspaces feature simplifies working with colleagues or clients. Create a workspace with a set of open tabs and share it via a link for seamless teamwork.

  4. Collections: Researching online? Edge's Collections feature helps you save and organize text, images, and videos from web pages into neat collections, keeping you focused and organized.

  5. Immersive Reader: Need to focus on reading? Edge's Immersive Reader removes distractions like ads and links, providing a clutter-free reading experience. Customize the text to your liking and even have it read aloud.

If your business isn't already using Microsoft Edge on Windows 11, now might be the perfect time to make the switch. Need a hand moving over? Let us know! We're here to help.

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