Team of Specialists

We feel that the biggest benefit of moving to Wyant is that we have a whole Team of IT specialists that truly cares about the success of our business and are our partners.  One thing we feel differentiates them from other IT providers we’ve dealt with is that they have a deep knowledge of our whole system --- especially the hardware ---  from phones to copiers, printers, servers, cables/wiring and workstations.  If you’re on the fence about choosing Wyant as your IT Services provider know that you will get a partner with a deep bench who genuinely cares about your success and has the technical expertise to get you where you need to go.  

Pete Boyles Parker Harvey


Impressed by the fast response, upgrade made easy by understanding what we needed, customer service was impressive with the willingness to go the extra mile, we would recommend for their local and knowledgeble servce & esuring things were right.

David B. Interlochen Center for the Arts


Since we are small, we do not have a dedicated IT department.  The biggest benefit to being on Wyant’s WeCare program is that it’s nice to be able to direct employees to contact Wyant’s Help Desk directly to have issues resolved.  In terms of off-site IT management, Wyant is very responsive to the needs of their clients.  The ticket system they have in place lets you know the status of your request.  Wyant also has regular meetings with their clients to help troubleshoot potential future problems.

Dodie Putney Benzie Leelanau District Health Department

Personal Service

The single biggest benefit we’ve realized while working with Wyant is that my staff can reach out to them and I know they will be taken care of.  In my opinion they stand out compared to other IT firms because of the personal service we receive along with making sure I understand what is going on.  Their email notifications and dashboard help me track issues while not having to be directly involved.  Choosing Wyant as your IT Services provider is easy because their team is able to discuss things in terms that anyone can understand.  They make sure the staff is happy before they leave and offer same day service most of the time. 

Jody Perkins Forest Area Federal Credit Union

Timely Response

The greatest single benefit of working with Wyant is the total managed solution with behind the scenes support and timely response. Wyant outshines other IT providers because of their technical aptitude, timely response, and comprehensive solutions.  If you’re on the fence about using Wyant for your IT Services know that they have a highly skilled staff that is responsive to urgent and sensitive needs with clear and concise communication. – 

Ken Sams Inland Seas Engineering